Alerts for "duality" validator node


You can subscribe for Telegram alerts of your validator duality. You don't need to setup any software on your node server. This app will take care about everithing.

Your Telegram Token is: e5184e1e94da83a060ea7b31d48a8d

How to subscribe:

1. Start Asset Mantle Stats Bot

Add @mantle_stats_bot bot to your telegram

2. Run /subscribe command

Provide your Telegram token for Asset Mantle Stats Bot to subscribe for duality alerts.

Use command:

/subscribe e5184e1e94da83a060ea7b31d48a8d

2. Run /help command

You can find all setup parameters in help

What kind of alerts can you recieve?

- Node down (skipping blocks)

You can customise how many minutes node can skip blocks before alert is triggered.

- Delegation/Undelegation

If somebody delegate/undelegate/redelegate to your validator, you will recieve an alert

- Proposals

If new proposal is created.
3 and 1 hour before voting end if you are forget to vote for some proposal.

- Software upgrades

3 and 1 hour before the upgrade, to do not miss it.

- Relayer operators

You can add your relayer address and recieve an alert if your balance is lower that 1 coin.